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Established in 1986, Orca Institute offers Canada’s longest-running Hypnotherapy Certification programs. We are also British Columbia's only PTIB and EQA Designated Hypnotherapy school.

With a strong focus on Ericksonian Hypnosis, our school offers online training courses and programs on the cutting-edge of Counselling Hypnotherapy and Counselling Skills


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Online hypnosis training Accreditation Hypnotherapy certification School Designation EduCanada - Learn hypnosis ACCT – Association of Cooperative Counselling Therapists of Canada

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Compare our Training to Other Hypnotherapy (Hypnosis) Schools:   

Orca InstituteOthers
We have the best cost per hr. ratio. Orca: $6.78 per hr. $21.00 - $46.00 per Hr.
Our Counselling Skills program includes 530 hrs. - Counselling Training Many have none, some have 25hrs. or less.
Orca Institute is certified by Edu-Canada.
We are the only Hypnotherapy school to offer an Approved Counselling Skills Program required for ACCT membership.
We are Designated by PTIB (Private Training Institutions Branch) and EQA (Education Quality Assurance)


Our Hypnotherapy Training Courses (Online)

Counselling Hypnotherapy Diploma
(Distance Learning)

Our online Hypnotherapy Certification Diploma course is 640 hours over 7.5 months (about 20 hours per week). Classes are ongoing, and students may start at any time. Included are live online classes through Zoom.

Our Hypnotherapy training program prepares the student to be proficient in hypnosis and counselling. Graduate students receive a Counselling Hypnotherapist Diploma. Interest-free payment plans are available for all students.

Government Financial assistance is available for eligible students who are Canadian citizens or landed immigrants, through the Canadian and provincial government student loan programs. 


Basic Hypnotherapy Certification
(Distance Learning)

This online Basic Hypnosis course (285-hour) takes place over 7.5 months (about 10 hours per week). It is well-suited for those who have time constraints. It prepares the student to be proficient in Basic Counselling and Hypnosis Skills.

Graduate students receive a Resident Hypnotherapist Certificate. Included are live online classes through Zoom. Interest-free payment plans are available to all students.


Counselling Skills Certification Program (Distance Learning)

This 530Hr.Self-paced, 7-month program plus our supervision course meets the requirements for entry into ACCT (Association of Co-operative Counselling Therapists) and potentially future legislation requirements in BC and other provinces including Alberta which is scheduled for Legislation soon. There has never been a better time to become a Counselling Therapist and start your new career.


Latest School News (New Developments)

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Counselling Hypnotherapy Certification - Diploma

NEW! Government Financial assistance is available for eligible students who are Canadian citizens or landed immigrants, through the Canadian and provincial government student loan programs. Orca Institute may assist prospective students to apply for Provincial & Federal student loans. All of our programs are online. There is no travel requirement.

We take great pride in the personal support provided to our students as we feel that it is essential for our students to never feel like they are doing our training alone. 

Diane and Sheldon combine over 50 yrs. of experience in this field. Their vast hypnotherapy background is shared with their students to offer them the best hypnotherapy and hypnosis certification training available.

We invite you to explore our website. Call us and learn more about the exciting and rewarding field of Counselling Hypnotherapy.

Please feel free to talk or Zoom directly with the Director, Sheldon Bilsker, RCC at 604-808-3703. We love to talk to prospective students.

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 Counselling Skills Program

NEW! We have just added a Counselling Skills Certification Program.

We are now offering a Counselling Skills Program. This program along with our Supervision course will meet the academic requirements of the title, Registered Therapeutic Counsellor with ACCT. Orca Institute is an Associate School with ACCT (Association of Cooperative Counselling Therapists).

Orca Institute is pleased to announce a collaboration with Opening to Grace School. OTG graduates receive training recognition, with course exemptions and a reduced Counselling program fee. 

FACT BC - IACH Counselling Hypnotherapists

The "International Association of Counselling Hypnotherapists" is a member of FACT BC. Our School is approved by IACH.

FACT BC is a society of professional associations that represent counsellors and therapists practising throughout British Columbia.

FACT BC is the main lobbying group representing Counsellors in BC. They are proposing that a "College of Counsellors" be set up in BC creating a new protected Title (Counselling Therapist) for counsellors.

Orca Institute Director, Sheldon Bilsker, being on the legislative committee of the BCACC, attended the first meeting of the Health Professions Council in 1997 which started the process towards creating new legislation in the field of Counselling. Please read our blog for further details.




Our Hypnotherapy School Reviews

  • In my opinion the course material is excellent, well-organized, comprehensive, and covers the field very well. I was pleased to note that Dr. Milton Erickson is given so much prominent attention, and that his system of using hypnosis has been incorporated. I knew Dr. Milton Erickson personally, having met him in 1952 at the home of Mr. Aldous Huxley in Los Angeles.

    A. Hoffer, M.D., PhD
    Feel Better, Live Longer and Smart Nutrients
  • It is my professional opinion that this course is well-organized and very comprehensive. It is without question that mastery of this course material would enable a person to perform high-quality work in the field of hypnotherapy.

    Serge King, PhD. Author
  • This comprehensive course has enhanced my work with people in distress and pain. I have no hesitation in recommending The Orca Institute.

    E.M. Smith, R.S.W., R.H. Social Work Department, Cancer Control Agency of BC.
  • In the medical field few of my colleagues receive such well-organized and comprehensive training in the field of hypnotherapy medical doctors and psychologists would be well served by the certification offered by Orca.

    Zoltan P. Rona, M.D., MSc
  • Thanks for the wonderful classes! And thanks for the technology which allowed me to be able to receive great lessons without the need of having to work towards a Canadian visa. I look forward to future new courses!

    Elisa Alvim, Psychologist, Brazil

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