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PTIB Hypnosis School DesignationAbout Orca's PTIB Hypnotherapy Course Designation

The Private Training Institutions Branch (PTIB) of the Ministry of Advanced Education, Skills & Training administers the Private Training Act and associated regulations under the Ministry of Advanced Education, Industry and Training, of British Columbia.

A registered institution may voluntarily seek designation. It requires the institution to maintain additional quality standards in excess of registration requirements.  PTIB was created to carry out the important role of student protection in the private career training sector. It is committed to protecting student interests. Orca Institute is a PTIB designated Institution. Orca Institute is the only PTIB designated hypnotherapy school in BC.

Establishing Standards

By applying for and receiving registration, an institution must demonstrate continuous compliance with the basic education standards described in the PTIB Bylaws. In addition to mandatory registration, PTIB has developed a higher standard for private career training institutions - the standard of designation.

Accreditation means an institution must maintain a quality standard in excess of the basic education standards. PTIB designation is an important criterion by which private career training institutions in BC are evaluated for standards and quality. Orca Institute has been accredited (designated) since 2006 and registered with the Government of BC since 1986.

EQA Hypnotherapy Training School DesignationAbout Our BCEQA  Hypnosis and Ethics Training School Designation


The British Columbia's Education Quality Assurance (EQA) is a quality assurance designation that identifies BC public and private post-secondary institutions that have met or exceeded provincial government recognized quality assurance standards and offer consumer protection.


EQA — BC's Brand for Quality Education

EQA provides one standard provincial seal that can be recognized globally as a symbol of quality. The EQA seal allows students to easily identify which provincial institutions the government of BC recognizes as having met quality assurance standards and that offer consumer protection to learners. EQA is a voluntary designation available to all BC public and private post-secondary institutions.

Ensuring Quality

Standards that are above and beyond: Institutions carrying the EQA designation meet criteria beyond what’s required by legislation, regulatory bodies and accreditation processes. This means:

  • Students can be assured they will receive a minimum standard of educational quality
  • The institution also meets legislated requirements
  • The institution is in good standing with related education bodies
  • The institution meets EQA suitability requirements and is abiding by the EQA Standards of Conduct
  • Read about EQA suitability requirements and Standards of Conduct (PDF)



EduCanada - Hypnosis School Accreditation

EduCanada - Canada is a global leader in quality education and the destination of choice for students, researchers, innovators and entrepreneurs seeking a world of possibilities.

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