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Sunday, 18 November 2018 18:27

Self-Hypnosis Confusion for Sleep and Deep Relaxation

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Sheldon Bilsker, HT, RCC is the Director and founder of Orca Institute and the IACH. Orca Institute is Canada's longest-running and only Designated hypnotherapy school.
You can contact him at 604-808-3703
Do Not Use While Driving or Operating Machinery.

This video consists of a few hypnosis inductions of different types blended together. As you hear the voices you might find that it is hard to listen to both voices at the same time. In hypnosis terms, this is called "confusion".The intent is to give the conscious mind lots to a certain point, the conscious mind gets overloaded and the subconscious comes more to the surface. The result being that relaxation begins to take over, and it doesn't really matter what the voices are saying. The person listening becomes much more focused on just letting go and relaxing.

The images throughout the video also have a similar intent to keep the conscious mind busy so it eventually "throws in the towel and begins to relax and let go". there are many approaches to helping people relax and sleep between comfortably in hypnosis. This hypnosis video is typically good for people who think a lot, especially just before they go to sleep. Feel free to experiment with the different approaches which we will be offering at the Orca Institute's Channel shortly. Watch more hypnosis videos on our Youtube Channel.

Orca Institute is Canada's longest running (est. 1986) and only PTIB (Gov. Agency) Designated counselling hypnotherapy school.

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