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Counselling - Hypnotherapy Regulation in Canada (Video)

Written by Sheldon Bilsker, RCC, HT
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Sheldon Bilsker, HT, RCC is the Director and founder of Orca Institute and the IACH. Orca Institute is Canada's longest-running and only Designated hypnotherapy school.
You can contact him at 604-808-3703

 A current Overview of Counsellor Legislation in Canada. By IACH, and Orca Institute. This is a talk by Sheldon Bilsker, HT, RCC on June 20th, 2020, updating his students on Counsellor Regulation in Canada. Timeline 15 sec.- Fact BC History 3:51- Task Group 8:30- Cayton report 14:57- Ontario Legislation 18:51- ACCT 20:07- Alberta Counselling Legislation 28:26- Agreement on Internal Trade 32:05- Summary (Video Below).

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