Counselling and Hypnotherapy: Together for (almost) the first time


 Counselling and Hypnotherapy: Together for (almost) the first time Author: Karen Phillip, Lead Trainer at  Australian Hypnotherapy CollegeAbstract The purpose of this article is to explore how hypnotherapy can be utilised in counselling practice. The literature discusses the advantages of using hypnotherapy techniques for multiple issues...

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The Healing Power of Belief (My healing journey)


Sheldon Bilsker, HT, RCC is the Director and founder of Orca Institute and the IACH. Orca Institute is Canada's longest-running and only Designated hypnotherapy school. You can contact him at 604-808-3703 In 1983 I was diagnosed as having Melanoma Carcinoma, a potentially lethal form of skin cancer. Needless to say, it came as a shock. It...

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