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Students will read the required textbook or manual for each section below and answer a series of essay-type questions relating to the material in the textbook. They will submit their answers by uploading them to their individual folder on Google Drive. The Instructor will evaluate the answers and give the student a mark. 80% is a pass for each section.

The student must attain an 80% average of all 3 courses to pass. A certificate will be given to a successful student. The Instructor will provide support if needed for the duration of the program. Prospective students can challenge the sections below based on prior learning.


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Basic Counselling Skills (30Hrs.) 

Relationship building, exploring/probing, empowering and challenging.

Basic concepts of ethics, values, and self-awareness.

Examining the helping relationship and considering the core conditions necessary for counselling to be effective.

Active listening skills.

Active phase skills.

Working with various populations.

Cultural differences.

Clinical Assessment (20Hrs.) 

This course offers useful theory-based discussions on various ways to

approach assessment as well as practical information, key concepts and case studies.

Students will learn about the flexibility of assessment and that it is a continuous process carried out through the therapeutic relationship.

To understand how assessment helps to give purpose to the therapeutic work done together and is a way to measure effectiveness.

The student will also begin to understand and explore self as the assessor.

Record Keeping/Note Taking (30Hrs.)


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