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Counselling Skills Diploma (New!)

770 Hrs.
Counselling Skills Program Fee: $4800.00 Interest-free Payment plans are available. Books are approximately $390.00.
Orca Institute is pleased to announce a collaboration with Opening to Grace Training. OTG graduates receive training recognition, with course exemptions and a reduced Counselling program fee. 


ACCT (Association of Co-operative Counselling Therapists) has added specific courses to their existing academic requirements for membership in their association.

Accordingly, as an Associate School with ACCT, Orca Institute is offering this program to meet ACCT's new membership requirements in this program.

We recommend that our graduate students become members of ACCT.


Please note: Our Counselling Skills Program is separate from our Counselling Hypnotherapy Diploma Program. A student is not required to take these courses to get their Diploma as a Counselling Hypnotherapist (Cand.) or their Basic Hypnotherapy Certificate. 

Please call Sheldon Bilsker, HT, RCC  at 604-808-3703 orThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

ACCT Membership Benefits

Offers members low-cost liability insurance,

Client coverage under many extended medical plans

Be well-positioned for possible Counsellor Regulation in BC and other non-regulated provinces.

It can also possibly allow for easier entry into specific existing and potential Colleges of Counselling (Alberta being one)

Qualifies members to advertise in Psychology Today and Counselling BC.


Counselling Skills I

Basic Counselling Skills I (30hrs.)

Clinical Assessment (20hrs.)

Note Taking - Record Keeping (30 Hrs.)

Counselling Skills II

Abnormal Psychology (30hrs.)

Ethics in Counselling (30hrs.)

Family Therapy (30 Hrs.)

Counselling Skills III

DSM-V (30hrs.)

Group Therapy (30hrs.)

Trauma/Recovery (30hrs.)

Counselling Skills IV

Theory and Practical Group Therapy (30hrs.)

Person-Centred Therapy (30hrs.)

Foundational Ideas (30hrs.)

Counselling Skills V

Cultural Nature of Human Development (30hrs.)

Gestalt Therapy (30hrs.)

Narrative Therapy (30hrs.)

Counselling Skills VI

Multi-Cultural Counselling Pt. 1 (45hrs.)

Multi-Cultural Counselling Pt. 2 (45hrs.)


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