Ethics in Counselling Course Detail (Includes Supervision)

Schedule: Full Course (including Ethics and Supervision)
Please note: ACCT members: The training offered below meets the Association of Co-operative Counselling Therapists standards.

Start Date: TBA.
End date: TBA.
Weekend Zoom classes (included in this course)

Please Note: This 6 month course is offered in varying formats and lengths to meet the needs of students who only require part of this course and have challenged successfully. Please see below for details. Please feel free to contact our Director, Sheldon Bilsker at 604-808-3703 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Course Description

The unique nature of ethics is: One may not always have the answer to the dilemma.
By the end of the course, students will be introduced to the relevance and importance of ethical awareness in counselling practice.
This course covers a broad spectrum of counselling situations to bring awareness to the diversity of potential ethical issues that may emerge in individual, couples, family, multi-cultural, and diversity counselling.
Objectives of the course are to bring awareness to ethical behaviours and decision making, providing participants with a framework for asking ethical questions, identifying ethical dilemmas, and critical thinking processes that lead to resolving ethical issues. With an emphasis on awareness as a valuable tool to potentially avoiding ethical dilemmas. 
Course Prerequisites: 

Individuals who have a current counselling practice, or in the process of working towards counselling certification.

Learning Objectives: 
Upon completion of this course, the student will have demonstrated the ability to: 
  • Recognize an ethical dilemma or issue in multiple counselling situations.
  • Broaden awareness, through a process of reflection and exploration, of one’s own personal and professional values, as well as ethical positions, on a variety of issues;
  • Know when and how to refer.
  • The student will have a clear framework for the exploration of issues.
  • Guidelines for defined boundaries and recognize boundary violations.
  • Learn questioning processes to bring clarity to issues.
  • Who to include in the ethical decision-making process.
  • Where to go to access a deeper understanding of how to move towards a resolution of issues that serve the best interest of the client and counsellor.
  • Be aware of the importance of sensitivity in applying ethical concepts and principles.
  • Recognize the potential of and possibly prevent an ethical dilemma in specific situations in counselling practice.
  • Understand the importance of being familiar with the current Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice in the counsellors Counseling Association.
  • Prepare students to develop and design a professional Informed Consent Form for a variety of counselling situations.
  • Prepare students to address ethical issues related to suicidality, and End of Life Decisions. Including:
  • No suicide/no harm contract template, No suicide contract template.
  • Augment the student's professional identity as a counsellor;
  • Reaffirm the importance of ongoing professional development.
  • Advance an appreciation of supportive practices including supervision and consultation.
  • 90 hours of Supervision will offer students ongoing support in their work with individual clients working with a wide variety of issues and concerns:
  • Stress, anxiety, depression, childhood trauma, trauma, relationship problems, making changes, health issues to name a few. 
  • Ethics of Social Media - impact on the counselling relationship.
Course Duration
108 hours over 6 months including:
  • Homework Hours
  • 90 hours of Supervision - requiring students to keep records and notes of each individual client session, including therapeutic analysis. 
  • 18 instructional hours (Skype Live Classes)
  • 2 hours out of class personal exploration questions.
  • 4 weeks to complete Essay Questions and 30 Exam Questions (within the total course hrs.)
  • 2 hours of personal exploration questions between the 1st and 2nd week.
Required course materials:

Internet access

A computer capable of accessing online course material and live Zoom Sessions.

Delivery Methods
Distance Learning, 2 weekends Zoom classes

Teaching Methods
  • Method(s) of Student Evaluation* Seminar format – online group.
  • Question and answer
  • Class discussion
  • Case studies
  • Breakout groups – students communicate with each other (Zoom) to explore an in-class question in a small group.
  • In class questions
  • Exam Essays
  • Exam Questions
  • Homework questions
Completion Requirements

Full participation in the two weekends

Completion of the course
Submission of 2 videos of sessions with clients - client and counsellor must both be in the video. 1-hour sessions with short notes for each session during supervision.Upon successful completion student's receive a certificate of completion from Orca Institute. Graduate students of Orca Institute's Hypnotherapy Diploma program will receive a Diploma as a "Counselling Hypnotherapist".

Please note:
If a course applicant has previous counselling and/or supervision experience they can challenge those sections of this course. If successful, they could qualify for a reduction in course fees and would not have to complete the section in which they have successfully challenged. Please contact the Director, Sheldon Bilsker at 604-808-3703 to do this or if you have any other questions.

We offer the following variations of our Ethics Course with respect to challenges and payment plans.

  1. HP400 Full Ethics incl. 90Hrs. Supervision ($995.00 plus Registration fee: $250.00 = $1245.00)

    HP400 Full Ethics incl. 90Hrs.Supervision Payment Plan: ($500.00 Down+$372.50 x 2 Months)

  2. HP400 incl. Ethics + 45Hrs. Supervision ($995.00) Payment Plan: $450 down+$272.50 x 2= $545.00

  3. HP400 incl. Ethics + 25Hrs. Supervision ($695.00)

  4. HP400 Ethics Course Only (if the applicant has successfully challenged supervision) $595.00

Supervision Only
For those only needing Supervision hours, we offer two types of Supervision, Indirect Supervision, and Direct Supervision. 

HP400 Indirect Supervision

Throughout these sessions the Instructor is available if the student has any questions and contact is usually made with the student about every 2 weeks initiated by the supervisor/instructor. There is also communication when the student submits their 2 videos of actual sessions for evaluation. This would apply to all students with the exception of those doing under 25hrs. of supervision. They would submit 1 video. Upon successful completion, students will receive a detailed letter of Completion 

Direct Supervision

Direct Supervision meets the criteria of various associations and schools which might require supervision to be done as a combination of working with clients under indirect supervision and direct supervision with a qualified supervisor (can be done through Zoom or in person). 

Supervision Fees
Indirect Supervision Only
HP400 Supervision only - per Hour. (Students can start at any time if only doing Supervision)

$15 per Hr. (up to 25 Hrs.)
$12 per hr. (25 to 50 hrs.)
$9 per hr. (Over 50 Hrs.)

Direct Supervision
$60.00 per Hr. plus Indirect Supervision Fee above. 

Course Registration


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