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Welcome to the SEO for Counsellors Therapists course. I developed this course to respond to what I believe is a significant gap in counsellor training. I have been a counsellor and hypnotherapist for 40 years. I started long before computers. When I started my school in 1986, I remember how we did everything on paper.

Piles and piles of paper, in binders, folders, bank records, client records, etc. etc. not a computer in sight. In the middle 90s, I got my first computer, a DX4 100, $2000.00. I had no idea what to do with it, but someone told me I should get one. The same person also told me to get a website. Not sure if I even knew what a website was back then.

The consensus at the time seemed to be that the Internet would never last, so what could be more useless than having a website? No one that I was aware of had a website except for this guy who kept telling me to get one. I concluded that he was either a remarkable visionary or a nut. I was leaning towards the latter.

Well, I gave in and had him build me a website. I had no idea that this was the start of a long and fascinating journey in developing my school. Over the years, I had always been searching for new ways that technology could enhance the delivery process of our course materials to improve the learner's experience.

Most counsellors are not techies. Many that I know and have known have very little interest in this area. This is fine until they need to promote their practice. More often than not, that counsellor will end up hiring someone to "handle" their website. Unfortunately, they don't know enough to ask the appropriate questions and assure themselves that they are getting good value.

As an educator of counsellors for 34 years, I want my students to be well prepared, not just at being counsellors but having a good basic knowledge of how to promote themselves online.

One can be the best counsellor in the world, but stating the obvious, we need the clients. It's a no-brainer, but it still surprises me at how many of us counsellors do not have basic knowledge on how to promote ourselves.

This course contributes to sharing that knowledge I have gathered over the years from a counselling perspective in the hope that technical knowledge and counselling skills knowledge no longer have to be like oil and water and even the playing field in the promotion of your practice.

Course Description

Search Engine Optimization is an essential area for counsellors, just starting as well as more established ones. This course covers all of the vital information that counsellors need to create and promote their business online in a straightforward, user-friendly approach. We look at all of the online software available for free and learn how to use those tools to promote your business.

This course consists of 7-1 hr. pre-recorded live Video classes with each class focussing on a different aspect of SEO. Everything is built into the manual including the videos, timeline, glossary and exam (Multiple Choice).

The exam is self-marking and if a student achieves at least 80% they can download a certificate of completion. If not they have the option of doing the course again at no further cost.

Learning Objectives

After completing this online course, the student will have the skills to know how to find and use a wide variety of free resources online to enhance the promotion of their website.

They will learn terms that relate to Google search and how to use Google search results to create keywords and key phrases that will help them enhance their websites' position in Google search and to accomplish this cost-effectively.

Required Course Materials: computer and Internet

SEO for Counselors Fee: CAD$150.00

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