Supervision (240Hrs.) $450.00 (if taken individually) 
(Direct Client Contact including Supervisor Consultations)


as part of our Counselling Skills Diploma Program (included)

Supervision (Direct Client Contact) is taught through student conducted practice sessions online. Students will conduct 200 1Hr. sessions with actual clients and video record 3 sessions for evaluation.

The instructor will supervise progress as it proceeds by communicating with the student on a regular basis and Pre-scheduled 2 hr. Zoom classes occurring 2x per month. These classes are ongoing. This covers the 40 Hrs. of Student-Supervisor consultation required for this section. it also meets ACCT requirements.  

The student's counselling skills will be critiqued for further refinement and accuracy.  "Clients" typically come from our Facebook group and are other students. However, they can also be individuals who are not students.

Care is taken that students do not take on clients with issues beyond their area of competence. There is also ample time for questions the student might have within the consultations with the instructor. The Instructor, Diane Auld has been in private practice for 17 Years and shares her extensive experience with students.

If a student has previous qualifying Direct Client Contact Hours they can receive credit and have their required hours reduced accordingly if they qualify. 

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