Virtual Classroom

At the Orca Institute we are always striving to be on the cutting edge of technology. We believe that this focus only serves to enhance our ability to deliver high quality content to our students.We are now offering our training online through our Virtual Classroom. 

Participants can attend training or meetings from anywhere in the world with the appropriate equipment (listed below). There is no extra fee for this method of delivery. The technical requirements needed by the student to participate are follows:

  • A computer with at least a dual core CPU and 4GBs memory.

  • A web cam.

  • A headset or array mic

  • A high speed internet connection

  • Skype software (free)

  • Why our online courses are just as effective as an equivalent onsite course

 When we switched to Online training 8 years ago I had the same concerns as you have expressed. At that point after 22 years of providing high quality training I did not want to make a change which would diminish our training. When I started the school my intent was to provide training with a strong focus on counselling and related skills in addition to hypnosis skills. Most hypnotherapy schools of that time were training people to be good hypnotists without counselling skills. I coined the term "Counselling Hypnotherapy". 

In order to make our online course just as effective as our onsite one we added many videos of actual classes over 20 years and videos of myself working with actual clients. In the manual the video appears at the top of the page with an analysis of each session under it. Students are required to do 60 sessions with actual clients and there is constant support throughout the course. 

You have probably read that this course involves 6 Weekends (1 per month) of classes. These classes are live. You can see and hear everyone and they can as well. Classes are small so there is much opportunity to get personalized instruction. Diane is an excellent teacher and students like her. 

As part of our Designation requirement we have to conduct surveys of our students each year. As I said, one of my main concerns is that out students were learning as effectively as taking the equivalent onsite course. The anonymous surveys showed that very clearly. I am always talking to our students and what they tell me confirms that as well. Another requirement is that students demonstrate in actual sessions that they are have acquired the skills to practice competently. This tells me immediately if the student is competent to practice or not as is an excellent measurement of whether they have learned as effectively as in our previous onsite training. The conclusion is that they do.

If you would like to talk to some of our graduate or current students please let me know. Please feel free to call or e-mail and I will be happy to answer any other questions you may have. Thanks, Sheldon.

Sheldon Bilsker, HT,RCC

Director, Orca Institute


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